Stop complaining about Sessions not going after Clinton

If you don't understand what's going on here then go buy yourself a copy of The Art of War, The Prince, & The 48 Laws of Power. The reason Trump doesn't have Sessions going after Clinton is simple, a direct attack is detrimental sometimes. The left has been framing Trump up as a dictator since before the election. What do dictators do? They eliminate political rivals. If Sessions doesn't go after them the left has no ground to stand on. They can't say "Look Trump IS a dictator. We told you." If that happened it would cause chaos. All the simpletons would go into panic mode. If however someone else does, perhaps an "enemy" of Trump then what is the left going to say? That Trump's acting like a dictator because one of his enemies went after one of his political opponents? These people haven't made it where they are by being idiots. They may play dumb sometimes, but that's all part of the strategy. They know EXACTLY what they're doing.