Shower thought: What are the chances that all of these celebs/ elites/ ultra wealthy in trouble actually give 0 fucks about politics and donate large sums of cash to politics so they can get off the hook?

I mean, they're all total hypocrites. And yes, we're all hypocrites sometimes, but personally there's a line that cannot be crossed for me, and it's usually pretty clear. These idiots seem to have no compass whatsoever, so instead they latch on to liberal ideology, blast it in our faces, get support from all the MSM, and donate thousands or millions to powerful liberals who can help them get away with raping each other or children or fucking horses or whatever the hell it's gonna be tomorrow or next week or next month. They clearly have no standards for themselves, no control, that much is clear.

Actual liberalism, TRUE liberalism based on freedom, justice, merit, and REAL equality is something I feel many conservatives strive for, and many people on this subreddit as well. Yet, these elites have no restraint, and no regard for any of these values while they attempt to institute a system antithetical to our own beliefs and ironically their own actions as well.

Im convinced that the swamp or Hollywood or whatever it is just drives these folks nuts, and makes them into hedonistic fucks that will do whatever they want to please themselves. To avoid the penalties the rest of us must face they use their money and political donations and influence to escape justice. They fuck everyone over, even their own causes, as shitty as they may be. Fuck these guys.

TL;DR: Seriously, Hollywood and the Swamp are hell on earth and they want it to spread. Don't let them get away with it.