Shep, Smith listen up…

Point one: So she sent one of her lackeys to give the actual approval for the state department…. He certainly did exactly what she asked… THis is not the least bit exonerating,

Point two: Why give approval? It is a strategic resource. Shep admits that we import 87% of our uranium. Why approve any of it going to even to Canada — much less 2O% OF OUR PRODUCTION?

Point three: Why did Guifstra(sp?) and others give the CF 145 million? Have they given since? Out of the goodness of their hearts? Right?

Point four: Why the Canadian Charity? In Canada they do not have to reveal the names of donors. She was trying to skirt US requirements for disclosure.This also violated her agreement with the Obama administration not to take donations from other countries without getting prior consent. It is less suspicious than getting money directly from Russian.

Point five; Bill Clinton went to Russian and got a 500k speaking fee and met with Putin during this time. He also wanted to meet with the CEO of Rosatom but that was denied. What was the point of that. Why would Russia pay $500k for him to speak?

Point Five: Since 2009, it was known by the FBI (Holder and Mueller at the time) that Russia was trying to get a hold on US uranium through bribes and blackmail. Who did Holder and Mueller tell. If they did not tell anyone why not? The screams for an investigation. Possibly taints Mueller.

Point six: Deals like this need someone to push them through the bureaucracy? Who has that much power? Obama certainly.. Hillary Clinton most probably. And when you look at the 145 million that went into her foundation you have to suspect that she was the one who pushed it through.

It all comes back to the fact that 20% of our uranium reserves were sold to Russia and Hillary got 145 million for her foundation from the deal… WHY?