Roy Moore Color Changing Signature Explained

I️ have been examining this for a while and I️ think I️ have a very probable explanation for the seemingly color changing ink on the yearbook signature. Everything from “Moore” forward is a forgery. The original inscription was written by someone with the first name of Ray or possibly Roy, but the rest of the name was chemically removed.

I️ say this because I️ have had to remove ink from a difficult to obtain legal document before. Because of an error I️ made I️ had to eliminate a line of text. I️ used a combination of bleach, lighter fluid, and acetone. It did a great job of removing my errant entry in ink. However, my correction faded from black to blue after reacting with residual chemicals in the paper.

Most black inks are not actually pure black, they are dark blue or dark green. The reason part of the signature appears blue is because it was written with black ink (intended to match old inscription) over a section of chemically bleached paper. The residual chemicals reacted with the wet ink and turned it blue. I️ guarantee if that paper were tested it would show residue of bleach and multiple other solvents.