Repost about hannity and Moore

Yesterday Ted Cruz, Hannity, Carlson all threw Moore under the bus. The MAGA within the GOP cause is done. Why?

Because Trump has taught them how to win. What happens when Moore wins- McConnell can only lose, the GOPe can only lose. But Trump and now everyone else who has called for Moore to step down (if true), will win if he wins and win if he loses.

And when Roy Moore wins, McConnell has staked everything on this. Moore has made this a referendum on the GOPe. And it's going down folks. When Moore gets seated, everyone will know that McConnell has lost one of his two weapons: media assassination. Without that, all he has is acting like a hand wringing sack of shit dittherer. And that alone can't keep him as majority leader.

Be of good cheer, Pedes. The battle for the senate has come to us a year early! And it's on favorable terrain in the state of Alabama! Ahead of time and under budget!!!!