Me too. I just want to confess that I, too, grabbed the ass of Beverly Young Nelson. Well, and really, the asses of all of Roy Moore’s accusers (list inside). I’m sorry. Please join me in confessing if you did, too. #AllredAssGrabberMeToo

Okay, I'm really sorry that I grabbed the asses of Debbie Wesson Gibson, and Gloria Thacker Deason, and Wendy Miller, and Tina Johnson, and Gena Richardson. And of course poor old Beverly. I had no idea they were twitching it at Roy Moore, too, or I never ever would have done it. So, Ms. Allred, I guess you're going to have to come after me, too, now.

Oh, pedes, it feels so good to come clean. Won't you join me? #AllredAssGrabberMeToo