Maybe it is time to remind Sean Hannity that the ban hammer can be deployed against him as well.

Mr. Hannity,

You have been great with reporting some of the things that seemingly no one else has. That said, your comments and ultimatum to Roy Moore yesterday were despicable. First and foremost, there is something called due process in this country, and we do not dispense justice via a witch hunt. Judge Moore deserves a fair election, and if his accusers are being honest, he should face justice. Right now, all we have are accusations that have every appearance of being falsified. If we refuse to permit good men and women to run for office based only on accusations, what will we have as a government? If all you have to do is accuse someone of impropriety to disqualify them, rest assured the left will do exactly that to every decent candidate we ever field.

If you have proof of Judge Roy Moore's wrongdoing, air it. If you do not, you are wholly in the wrong here given what is known at this moment in time.

I also feel that I must address your irresponsibility and presumptuousness over the past several days. We are not your army, we do not work for you, and we will not ever do your bidding. Keurig made a major mistake by either dropping advertising on your show, announcing falsely that they had, or hiring someone that reflected very poorly on that company. We will do with our money as we see fit, and companies need to recognize that when we, as a group, decide to support something or not support something, we make a difference because we actually buy things.

Please stop with the teasing bullshit. "Tick-tock" and absolutely zero to show for it. Eventually something will happen and you will claim credit, but months of teasing vague generalities does not make you prescient, it makes you exploitive. Report what happens, and your take on it. We have appreciated that. Your opinions are welcome, but this teasing nonsense needs to end. You would do well to remember that even though you are the only source reporting certain things, those things are nearly without exception posted here before you mention them. This means that you need us more than we need you.

I call upon you, Sean Hannity, to apologize publicly to your listeners for this betrayal. I call upon you, Sean Hannity, to publicly apologize to Judge Moore for your comments and unjust demand. We prove guilt in this country, not innocence. If these apologies are not forthcoming, and if you do not publicly air any further evidence you have against Judge Roy Moore, I call upon the public to abandon your show and your advertisers until such time as you become a more reasonable person and host.