In the time of Soviet Russia, God hating Communists razed the churches, but spared the Synagogues.Why?

From the 1939 book, Democracy and Wold Dominion by American historian Edwin Schoonmaker:

"Fifteen years after the Bolshevist Revolution was launched to carry out the Marxist program, the editor of the American Hebrew could write: 'According to such information that the writer could secure while in Russia a few weeks ago, not one Jewish synagogue has been torn down, as have hundreds–perhaps thousands of the Greek Catholic Churches…In Moscow and other large cities one can see Christian churches in the process of destruction…the Government needs the location for a large building," (American Hebrew, Nov. 18, 1932, p. 12) Apostate Jews, leading a revolution that was to destroy religion as the "opiate of the people" had somehow spared the synagogues of Russia." (p. 211) –

Also the same thing happened in Spain too.Churches burned to the ground, while the synagogues remained untouched.

What on earth is going on here?

Western historians have tried to cover this up as it is an inconvenient truth.But why? I don't understand