Greetings Nimble Navigators! This is an important public service announcement regarding Bill Clinton

After 20 years of ignoring and actively covering up the crimes of Bill Clinton, the left has no influence left to sell. The decision has been made that in order to retake the moral high ground, a pawn that has outlived its usefulness must be sacrificed in a mass virtue signalling ceremony.

This week the DNC released a firmware update that fixed a 20 year old bug in which every instance of the word RAPIST in reference to Bill Clinton was automatically replaced with Awesome Dude. As the new patch is distributed and downloaded across the nation, with exponentially increasing frequency the normies will no longer be triggered by BILL CLINTON IS A RAPIST INFOWARS.COM

Because of this fact the phrase will be forced into retirement. I would suggest that you get your final BILL CLINTON IS A RAPISTS INFOWARS.COM's in while you still have time.