Are these black NFL players thinking about this issue?

So, I'm a bit late to this issue, the one where the black NFL players are kneeling. But I think that my opinion should still matter. How I see this is that these black people are protesting about how they are treated by the police. Well I think that maybe if they didn't act like jackasses and shoot people for no fucking reason at all, not to mention the only reason the police is arresting them is because of the fact that THEY ARE COMMITTING CRIMES. But back to the kneeling issue, I think that these fucking idiots should not be able to kneel during the national anthem, hell back in the day at my school we would get in trouble just for talking or laughing during the national anthem. I don't know, but I think that these fuckheads should just get the fuck out of the country if they can't even stand for the anthem, hell they're making MILLIONS for playing a damn GAME, so they should have the mental capacity to think that they should HAVE to stand for the anthem. But what do you guys think?