Anger is growing inside….

Talking to a co-worker about how when I was 8, I started working at my grandfathers liquor store in the summer pulling 8 hour shifts for $5 a day.

He said okay now I know you where a privileged child. I said how so, he said because you were brought up in a family business. Internally I lost my shit, but I said only I guess the definition of privilege and hard work have changed.

My grandfather was drafted in the Korean war got 2 purple hearts and was the only survivor in his platoon. He came home and worked hard to open a business worked his entire adult life 430am-10pm 7 days a week. The county we live in decided to build the road in front of his place of business so no one could turn in from the left or come straight from the intersection. Effectively killing all his business he sold out at 1/10 the value and retired to nothing but a small plot of land he still tends to till this day.

I was raised on hard work and respect for the country. I served my 4 years paid for my own college and now halfway through my masters while working at a Jr level position in my field at 34yr old. I guess this is what white privilege is!

I'm growing tired of these assholes!!